Friday Night Drop-In Curling


News has been flying around the club and many questions were asked about Friday Night Drop-In Curling. Guess what? We are starting Friday Night Drop-In Curling on 10/20/2023! Still wondering about all of those questions, hunches and inquiries? They are going to be answered! Just take a gander below.

What is it?

Friday Night Drop-In curling is a footloose, fancy-free and relaxed atmosphere where members and up to 2 guests each (with some experience) are allowed to show up about 15 minutes before 7:00pm to the club and curl an 8 end game. This is a fantastic way to meet other members from the club while having a fun night of curling.

***The ONLY catch is that you need to sign up here NO SOONER than Sunday at 12:00pm and 

The convenor will put folks on teams and all you have to do is come and play!***


Important Details:

  • Drop-In Dates: Most Friday nights. Keep an eye out here for weekly signups
  • League Convenor: Deb Coviello
  • Ends: 8 Ends
  • Game Time: Draw time starts at 7:00pm, please come about 15 minutes prior so you know who you are playing with.
  • Who can play? Members of the club and guests are allowed to play if they have participated in at least ONE Learn To Curl/Taste Of Curling/Event Curling or have previous experience. If a Social Member would like to play, then they are allowed to participate but that will cost a fee.
  • Are there any fees?
    • Full Member - Free
    • Per Session Members - Free during your currently registered session! If it is outside your currently registered session, then it is $30 a night.
    • Social Members - $30 a night
    • Guests - $30 a night
    • If you owe a fee, you will need to pay on Friday night at the bar.

League Convenors’s Contact Information:

Deb Coviello: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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